Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Falling is Just Another Way to Fly

I dreamed I was standing on a cliff's edge, scared of taking even an inch forward.  I was scared even of looking down so I closed my eyes and took a dozen steps back, thinking that's where safety was.  But then I realized that what I was doing, what I had been doing all along was a way of playing things safe.  Of settling to what was familiar.  I took a deep breath, ran towards the cliff's edge then with only a split second of hesitation, jumped.  And as I fell, I felt anticipation.  The fear was still there for I knew not what would happen but there was freedom too in finally leaving my comfort zone and embracing the unknown.  

Thud.  It wasn't such high a fall and I landed with my two feet firmly planted on the ground.  Chest heaving, I opened my eyes and surveyed my surroundings, taking in the grassy field of dandelions.  Who knew this was what awaited me here?  

For a while, I stood there, watching some dandelions soar by.  Mesmerized, I gathered one and observed how its florets needed to be separated from the "head," from the plant itself, in order for it to find its own patch of soil and grow new dandelions.  Then I thought of myself and of the risk I took to take flight.  And of the more risks that lie ahead...

Then I woke up and I was smiling for I realized from my dream that falling is just another way to fly.