Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random Thoughts - # 7


When I am feeling sad or hurt, I found out that the best cure is to find solace in God and, with empathy, to lift someone else's sadness and hurt. Nothing can be so fulfilling.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Bonita

Whenever I'm confused
And nothing seems right
Or everything is just
Too good to be true
I just turn to you
And the confusion and doubts
And those endless, nagging questions
Then become words of assurance and comfort
And wonderful feelings of empathy and hope.

Whenever the day seems
As dark as the night
You would just look into my eyes
And smile at me
And I would know right then
That everything will be all right.

Whenever I think I'm weak
And can not win over life's challenges
You would just pat my shoulder
And I would know right then
That I can go on and succeed
And that I am worth more
Than what I had thought.

I may not know
What lies ahead of me
But one thing I know of
Is the fact that with you around
I need not be afraid
For you are my guiding light
That spells of faith and hope and love
Life's a wonderful, meaningful journey
Because I journey through it
Alongside of you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Thoughts - # 6


Love is undiscriminating and requires a universal heart for when we love, we open our hearts to all, not just to a chosen few.

Monday, November 17, 2008

inner turmoil

this isn't the way i want
our story to start -
with promising romance
and possible exquisite heartache
think positively?
am trying to...
but i can't help feeling
i just can't...
maybe this is the way i am -
tightly wrapped in an intense need
to protect myself from possible pains
that i end up holding back
trusting but still wary
caring so much
and loving sincerely
but doing my damnedest
to appear detached
which would eventually lead to
my pushing my loved ones away...
how ironic
that in my desire
to save myself from pains
i ultimately end up
being the inflictor
of my own hurts.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

God's Presence in You

I feel God in the friendship that we share
His joy echoes in our laughter
The warmth of His love is in your eyes
His compassion is reached out to us
Through your empathetic nature
And the ways with which you show your care
His wisdom reflects in your good counsel
Your openness mirrors His own
His generosity is in your selfless giving
And in the profound sharing of your self...
Friends are heaven-sent angels
The real-life ones who make life sweeter,
Our days brighter and our selves better
They mirror God and extend Him to others
Like the way you make Him more known to me
You give inspiration by being what you are -
A friend in Christ and the same friend
Who continuously makes my life more meaningful
Because of the personal touch you put in it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Thoughts - # 5


Doubt if you must but be sure that your doubt will bring you awakening. Doubt is needed to achieve faith and when you have grasped true faith, be faithful to it.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Where You Are

take my hand and i will follow you
to wherever you will lead me
i know not where we are going but you do
for all is known to you alone
despite the uncertainties, i fear nothing
because just to be with you is enough
for my heart and soul to be at peace
in you i take refuge
you are my joy, the life of my living
my lord, take me to where you are
to wherever you will be
you are the lord of my history and life
you have called me to follow you
i am yours, i love you
i entrust to you my entire being
all that i was, all that i am and all that i will be
my lord, take me to where you are
i yearn to be with you all the days of my life
i know it is not easy to follow you
but i also know that you will take care of me
every step of the way
by giving me the graces i need
to carry everything out
you are in me and i am in you
wherever you go, i go too
whatever you face, i also face
you and i are one
my lord and my god,
take me to where you are
for to where you are is home.