Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's Nothing Like Love

There's nothing like love to throw you off course
or straighten your path.
To make you wary of taking risks
or propel you to take the leap of faith.
To make you fear  
or trust implicitly.
To make you hit rock bottom
Or take you to the greatest of heights.
To bring out the inner monster in you 
that you feel hurt and jealous all at the same time,
or even unreasonable.  
But it can also create 
an understanding, giving heart in you
and even inspire you to be selfless.
There's nothing like love 
to take you to a life of upheavals 
but it will be 
your most thrilling rollercoaster ride yet...
Whatever it is that love brings you, 
remember that it is your doing - 
your choice.
So love wisely,
taking care of not just his heart
but of yours as well.