Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To the Bootlicker

Yes, you're on top. You may be deserving but then, how does it feel to be there while others have been relegated to just being your stepping stone, used as a means to your lofty but pathetic end?

I wish you the best despite what you did and still are doing, you know, but I refuse to turn into a shark just because people like you are. But I do believe in karma. What goes around does come around. So remember this and remember this well: It gets lonely at the top. You know why? Because there is no way but down.

And when you fall, remember me. Remember the times when backstabbing was your way of watching my back. When you deemed taking credit for my accomplishments was your due just because you think you're the boss.

Remember too all those that you have been a fair weather friend to. Remember turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to their cries because you were more concerned about getting to the top than being a friend.

Remember us because we will not be there when you fall. We will not be there to gloat. We will not be there to pity you. But we will not be there to cushion your fall either. And that, my dear, will make it the harder to bear.

Because then you'll realize that getting back up after a fall is much easier when you have friends who support and encourage you.

Truly, having it all means nothing when you have no friends to share it with.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Conversations with the Lord

When difficulties arose, I asked
"Why me, Lord? I have been good."
And I heard Him say, "My child, be still.
Learn to trust and obey my will."

When He beckoned me to follow Him, I asked,
"Why me, Lord? I am not worthy. I am sinful,
I am weak. Choose someone else."
But He said , "I chose you and in my eyes, you are wonderful."

When the going got rough, I appealed to Him,
"Enough, Lord. I can take no more."
"Daughter," He encouraged me, "I will never let you
be tested beyond what you can endure."

When my human limitations were evident, I said,
"Look, Lord, I keep on stumbling and making mistakes."
"Do not lose heart," He said, "My way is not easy.
Be steadfast in your faith, remain in me."

“Lord, I finally asked. “Why are you so good to me
despite my failures and iniquities?”
And He replied, “Beloved daughter, do you not see?
My love for you is unconditional and it will always be.”

"I am deeply sorry, Lord, for the times when I doubt.
I now humbly entrust myself to you, what it is that you want?"
"I ask nothing," he answered, "but your openness and generosity.
Respond to my love, love others truly and fully."

written on February 01, 2004 during my Spiritual Exercises.