Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gift of the Present

The greatest gift of the present is that it is a constant reminder of God's never ending love for and faith in us.  We are blessed with another day because He wants us to cherish yesterday as we grow from it.  So if you've been hurt in the past, let go.  Today is a new day.  God has given you a chance to heal.  To make up for your wrongs.  To be happy.  To love again.  To live life to the fullest.  Seize this day! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Random Thoughts - # 14


Closure isn't about just putting an end to the vexations of the mind, heart and soul.  It is also coming to terms with the difficulties of the past and, from hereon, beginning a life of acceptance, gratitude and learning, and in so doing, achieving the serenity we so long for.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mirror of Truth

Life used to be one big theater for me
I had to play, I had to act
Masks and facades and barriers
Had all been a part of me
That sometimes they became my "truth."
And do I have to tell you
That before I resented you?
I disliked the way
You were seeing right through me
For that meant I wasn't convincing enough.
Others saw the smiles and claimed
They felt my joy
But you saw how empty those smiles were.
You saw the pain beneath,
The uncertain, vulnerable child that I was
Hidden behind those masks.
I tried my best to avoid those probing eyes
I was wary of the wisdom those knowing eyes held.
If I could then shut myself from you, I would
For you "scared" me and it's not because
You were mean or ill-tempered
But because you knew me so well
That I felt vulnerable with and around you
And no one wants to be vulnerable, right?
Pride dictated me to shun you
So no one would then read me accurately
No one would know my heart and being but me
But you were so understanding of and patient in
Just letting me be, waiting for me to mellow and mature
While doing your best to help me probe deepest into myself
That I may bring to light the real me.
Little by little, my defenses came crumbling down
Until finally, nothing was left but my true self 
The very self that I used to hide and deny surfaced...
I no longer resent you, in fact I never did.
I just thought I did but now I know 
That those were just resistances...
I'm glad that all those masks are now gone
I no longer act, I never will again
For life is no grand theater, 
Everything and everyone is real
And so I must be too.
I am what I am and it feels good to be me
And it feels even better to know
That you accept me as I am.
Thank you... for being my mirror of truth
For that's all I needed for my awakening.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Ties that Bind

Be kind to each and every person you meet for s/he is fighting some kind of battle that you may not know about.  Our blatant exterior differences aside, we are all a lot like each other - we just want to love and be loved.