Monday, April 13, 2009

God Listens

Have you ever wondered if God indeed listens to you? You who’s just but one person in this world of billions of people?

Have you ever cried out so loud to Him only to hear deafening silence?

He said You are special to Him. For after all, He “has written your name in the palm of His hands,” right? But didn’t He say that to practically each one of us?

What is it with your cries that will make Him gravitate to you when each day, He has tons of prayers to listen to? And countless of needs to address?

The good news is that God does listen. Intently. And the better news is that His listening style is as His love is – personal. When He listens, He does so in a way that our utmost good is looked after.

God listens to the fervent prayer of the faithful that makes these faithful yearn to be closer to Him. To be like Him.

God listens to the half-hearted prayers of those who have not yet fully entrusted their lives to Him that their faith in Him will grow stronger each day.

God even listens to non-believers that they may be enlightened. And if they do not want to accept Him as their Savior, He patiently waits and loves them just the same.

God listens to the prayers of the elderly. And that of a child’s. He listens to our desperate pleas, even to our words of doubt and anger as much as he listens to our prayers of gratitude and hope. He even hears our unspoken prayers, even knows those that we are yet to pray for.

God listens. To me. To you. In a world of billions of people, you matter. Each one of us does. He even “calls each one of us by name.”

In times when we think there is silence, it is because it is in the silence of our hearts that He speaks the loudest. God does not have to do all the listening. Sometimes, we need to shut up so we can hear Him speak.

In times when we think our prayers go unanswered, it is because God has something better in store for us. Or it is because He knows the difference between a need and a want. And He wants us to learn this difference.

For everything there is a season. And for each prayer, there is an answer. It may be a “yes,” for He knows we really need it - now. Or it may be a “no,” for He wants to teach us that loving a person sometimes entails saying no to a loved one for something that is obviously not for his or her own good. Or it may be a “later,” that we may learn patience and to trust Him more in times when it seems to us that He is unreachable.

God listens. And whatever His answer is, listen – with faith, with trust.