Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something New

I love writing.  I fell in love with it at age eight when I made my first poem.  I actually wanted to be a journalist but things did not go as planned and so I am now a hotelier.  Not that I have complaints as being in this industry has taught me a lot and brought me to many lovely places.  Still, my love for writing burns as fiercely as ever and that is why despite my mostly hectic schedule, I find time to blog.

Two days ago, I accepted a position that entails writing for a living.  It is actually yet to sink in but I'm already having mixed feelings about it.  A part of me is excited but a part of me is sad.  I guess that's how things go, especially when a particular beginning entails saying goodbye.

I feel sad because I will no longer be closely working with people who for the past three years made my stint as a Duty Manager a most interesting one.  I feel sad because I will be missing the rollercoaster ride of handling hotel operations and the opportunity of learning from our guests and staff alike.

On the other hand, I welcome working on regular hours again.  No more shifting schedules or working on Sundays and holidays, which makes me look forward to spending my holidays especially Christmas, New Year and town fiestas with my family and friends. 

As a Duty Manager primarily deals with guests' complaints, now that soon I will not be one, I can also heave a sigh of relief as I will be spared dealing with upset or screaming guests.  Not that I dread these situations as such are what taught me a lot and made the past three years such a fun rollercoaster ride but not having them sure is a breather.

I am really thankful to my company for believing in me and for giving me the chance to contribute to it through my passion for writing.  And though I still feel a little wary of things to come, I resolve to myself to give my best to this endeavor and make the most of it.

Bring it on.

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