Monday, August 27, 2012

Take Heart and Give the Poor Guy a Chance

I chanced upon ABC's Dating in the Dark earlier.  The show was about three single men and three single women trying to find his or her match while in the dark thus failing to see how each looks like until the revelation process.  

In the episode I saw, all the men agreed on dating a girl if she looked 'hot.'  I thought women know better but the three ladies on that show also had 'looks' high up on their list of standards, and even more so, if I must say.  One had misgivings because the cowboy guy was not wearing the right fashion while one girl was so disappointed with the guy she chose to see that she rated him a 5 out of 10, adding he was an average in the looks department.  The culmination of the show was the couple meeting in the balcony if they wanted to pursue a relationship or either or both of them exiting the house if s/he did not like the other.  Of course, that girl exited the house and the poor guy was left alone in the balcony, watching her leave while wondering what was wrong with him.

The above made me think if indeed, we have all gone shallow.  I mean, come on, he is the same guy who the girl thought is nice and her match prior to seeing his face!  Why not try to probe things deeper by going on a date with him?  

Whatever happened to things that matter most like honesty and kindness and love and fidelity? 

I won't be a hypocrite and say looks don't matter because they do but all I'm saying is at least give the guy a chance with a date or two.  Who knows, he truly is the one for you but since you're too busy critiquing his looks, you fail to see how he takes care of you or makes you laugh or complements you.

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