Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Single by Choice & Happy

“When a woman buys a pair of shoes, she goes to eight shops to compare style, color, fit and price… In each shop, she’ll probably try a dozen pairs – holding it, touching it, smelling it, wearing it, walking on it, before she eventually buys the shoes… She also usually brings a friend, always conferring and asking for comments… But when it comes to love, a woman will love the first jerk that will make her blush…”
-- Bo Sanchez
I couldn’t help but guffaw when I read the above quote. How astute. And how ironic and funny too that this should come from a guy. But really, it’s true. Love can indeed make even the most intelligent of people stupid.

My cousin and I used to say that good men are always taken. My sister even has a mug that declares, “Men are like parking spaces – the good ones are always taken.” Either that or those men are either gay or have vocations or religious calling. Thus, some women settle for just any guy who comes along, never mind that the guy falls short of their standards.

I know of a lot of intelligent, capable women who had their downfall because of love. Or rather, because of loving some heartless heartbreaker guys. Come to think of it, maybe it is called falling in love because of that. Falling is the operative word for love will literally plunge you into a terrain that you don’t know. It will make an emotional wreck out of you and make you defy logic and reason. Love will make you do things that you thought were beyond you.

Love is supposed to be fulfilling. It is happiness. But it is not if you fall for the wrong person. It is just ironic though that people often commit the mistake of falling in love with the wrong person…

A lot of people wonder why I remain single. Some friends would even go to such lengths as pairing me up with their guy friends, colleagues or relatives or having me go to endless dates. In most cases, unless I was bribed or coerced (Hehe!) I declined their playing Cupid. Why? Because I love my life as it is. I am single by choice and loving every minute of it. I am a complete person and I do not need a guy by my side to make me happy (or the wrong guy making a mess of my life).

Admittedly, the biggest reason why I remain single is because I am very choosy. There is no perfect guy. There might even be no right guys for all I know. But hey, as long as he sincerely loves me and we share the same wavelengths, have some reconcilable (take note, RECONCILABLE) differences that will add spice to our relationship and there’s mutual acceptance and respect for each other, and of course FIDELITY then he’s okay with me.

I am in no rush. I am single because HE has not arrived yet. He who is the man worth FALLING IN LOVE with (and yeah, maybe LOSING MY HEAD over, Haha!). And until he does come, I’ll enjoy the freedom and happiness that come with my being single.


reprinted from my Friendster blog dated August 15, 2007

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